Is your site mobile friendly?

An amazing 1/3 of all web browsing is now carried out on mobile and tablet devices. The mobile audience in the UK is now over 50 million and growing. Consumers have adopted multiple platforms and devices and you need to be sure their experience is unified and looks just as great on a mobile device as on a PC. All our websites use responsive design (adapt to screen size) so you only need to think of the content.Over 60% of users will leave a non mobile friendly site within 5 seconds

So let’s get started

Getting a professional web site produced, especially one which you can keep updating as things change, used to be an expensive and lengthy venture, but one which small businesses and organisations needed to undertake. Woodman webs has invested in technology and skills to reduce the time and therefore costs whilst maintaining very high quality.
We can supply you with that tailored ‘on-line’ presence you need whilst keeping cost down. You can click here to check if a domain name is available.

So what do you get?

There are three benchmark options described on this site - Starter, Mid-Size and Large which describe the basic packages and costs. However, this is a guide and a detailed quote will be provided once we have discussed your requirements.
Once given a brief outline, free hand idea or full specification your site will be created and hosted on our servers. A link will be sent to you by email and alternative versions will be available to view. You then get to pick which is the closest to what you had in mind and get back in touch to tweak images, settings, text and layout.
Once you're happy your site will be moved over to a live server and your chosen (as long as its available) domain name associated. That’s it, your ‘on-line!

Support Services

Woodman webs provide free half day training on the process of updating your website and making minor changes to your pages. We can also provide support and training so you can get the most of today's technology. If you feel you could do with extra advice or guidance in realising the potential of your existing devices then half or whole days of friendly, plain English tuition can be booked.


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